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Love is... 
      Just what you need to start your day!

Here is a post featuring a couple portrait post after a really long time... As said they are fun and fun is an understatement. You have lot more excitement and crazy experiences before your weddings amongst all the hush and rush of the wedding preparations than on your wedding day.  Even if you are married or just planning to in near future, portrait sessions tries to translate the Warmth, Fun and Love that you both share. It's the most coolest way you can store all those memories in exquisite images that just remind you how awesome couple you are. 

To be honest lets face it - When was the last time you both shared a romantic moment and wished that you could capture to be cherished and reminisced every single day?

To end this post a portrait from a recent couple portrait session in wintry mornings of Navi Mumbai. Yes, Navi Mumbai! And this portrait is undoubtedly my best photo created so far. Do leave a comment if this photo speaks to heart and made your day
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Love is .. Just what you need to start your day

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