Film Journey

I had been on a rollercoaster ride so far. Always felt great to shoot so many weddings and edit them and yes designing albums too. It doesn’t take a lot of time but yes lot of creative juices for clicking a photograph, even more to edit photos and design albums.

Well, in the interim I have started my first independent project Film project. Yes, I am not escaping from posting all the oohhsome weddings I had shot. I am just taking some moments out for shooting each exposure in film from plethora of editing activities.

"Film is entirely different ball game" That's what I keep saying everyone but never braved a film camera. So here I am with all the experience and knowledge that have gathered so far about photography kick starting my film project.

I have an old Praktica MTL 50 gifted by a friend who doesn’t use it anymore and some films. The interesting thing is I have to do everything. Exposure Calc, Auto focus and yes film rewind. The baddest feature about this camera is that it shows two lights to tell me that the photo is dark or bright. So I have to understand with my sixth sense that how much bright it is or how much dark it is. I think this should be a good challenge for this project.

Wish me good luck and take care till next post.

Mumbai Photographer